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oh no

my game is lagging what cn i do

What is this game about?
Im gonna download if you reply :)




There is nothing wrong with this, there is no glorification of violence or t-rrorism or anything like that. This is no different from making a game with a scenario where you're at Pearl Harbor during the attacks that occurred there.

Honestly, if you developed this further (maybe have the protagonist closer to the bottom floors so he can actually escape the building and see other people and the aftermath of the attacks, just my thoughts.) it might be a really great simulation of an historical event that affected the lives of people still living today. There's seriously nothing wrong with this, it doesn't mock the victims or even the perpetrators, I don't see why anyone would have a problem with this game.



this is in very poor taste. Thousands died. You can't make a game reliving this tragedy


It's only a remake of 8.46, a game already exist about this! Not my idea!


dont worry about what people say poor taste would to be downing it fact to be enlighted as to what happened that day is something people have been doing ever since to those who oppose say something to the thousands of documenteries that have covered it then get back to me !!!