A downloadable game for Windows

Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

The "Complete Edition" will include an Expansion Map with Warrior Bugs from Starship Troopers and the Tremors 2 game with Shriekers

WASD - Move

Spacebar - Jump (near object to Climbs)

C - Crouch

E - Roll

MouseR - Aim

MouseL - Shoot

R- Reload (automatic)


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $2 USD. You will get access to the following files:

Tremors - The Game.rar 639 MB
Tremors - Starship Troopers Bonus Level.rar 388 MB
Tremors 2 - The Game.rar 694 MB


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I'm impressed to see someone made an outright fan game of the movie series; particularly one that, from the screenshots, looks so polished.

That being said, are you sure it's okay to go charging money like this? Legally they can't do a thing to you if it's free, but charging for it likely means whoever now holds the movie's IP license can sue or demand in on it.


Fun little fan-game, but for a game called "Tremors: The Game", I would want a little more than "Dodge when graboid is close, then shoot-em up". But then for $2, a little walking tour of Perfection, with some targets to shoot is more than fair.

Would love to see this expanded into a full game at some point though. Tremors needs a game.

I just played them excellent fan-game I wait for the update for first person view THANK YOU
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Fammi imparare a creare videogames, Maestro!

ok I downloaded the game but it will not open/load.  What am I doing wrong?

A good fan game. Brings back a lot of memories...

These games were fun especially the Shrieker one when i put my COD zombies skills to use it was funny seeing a hoard of Shriekers chasing me

Tremors is great think you have hit on a great coop game idea Thanks for your work 

thank you too

the game is super fun! Would you be able to add graphical game settings? My PC doesn't like unreal and I usually have to nerf the graphics quality. Also where did you get your 3d models? I'm just curious as a fan.

Thanks. At the moment no. I'm busy in a Jam.. But in future I'll consider the idea to do an entire game about tremors! This is only a test or demo... the game will be free!

I only liked Starship Troopers. But it lacks some logical conclusion. In the Tremor of the earth where to look for graboydov ???))))

why is the game only half of my screen and not fullscreen?

Strange. I don't know bro. Its tested well with full screen and It should works

Stefano! I didn't know how to reach you but I thought you might like to contribute a little something to MrKravin's Game Jam!  Cheers! MrKravin GJ

I'm in. How it works?? It's the first one for me..  do I upload my project here or where?

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Tremors 2 is here! Share and enjoy. Support me!

after i download it to my desktop do i just extract it like other games or is there a different thing

Graboids Arcade comes to reality

It s a kind of test! But cost me hours of work! Hope you will enjoy it bro


Tremors 2 will Coming Soon here! Available now the Expansion Map with Starship Troopers BUGS!

WHEN are you going to fix the DIno Crisis demo? the key is still glitched and cannot be picked up! I LOVED that demo please fix it, or make it so we can walk through walls and finish the demo.

I'll remove it, I have not time to fix it now. No plans for future game... I'm sorry!

Anyway i can get that dino crisis demo? Even if it is broke, I  LOVE dino crisis and i  think its really cool and would love to at least experience it. i missed out.

Great game, dude! It's a simple little thing but I'm just happy that there's finally a game that lets me hunt Graboids! I had a lot of fun checking out all of the details you put in it too. If you do a sequel, I would love to see Burt in there. Thanks for making this!


Great! I'll upload an expansion map and soon will arrive Tremors 2 with Shriekers!!! Stay HERE and thanks!!!

Dude... THANK YOU for making this! I haven't played it yet but I'm pretty excited to check it out because I LOVE the Tremors series. Huge Burt Gummer fan here. You are seriously one of the coolest devs around.

I'll update it into Tremors 2 and maybe one surprise expansion! The shooting will grow up severally

I'll definitely check those out too. Is there an ending to this one? I played it last night and i think i killed all of the Graboids. I ran around for about 40min trying to find more but didn't see any haha. I recorded a vid but will have to wait til after work to edit it. It was so cool seeing them pop out of the ground!


No that's all for now! I've no plans to do a story in this game! But I uploaded an Expansion Map and soon Tremors 2 with Shriekers (both with a better gameplay and same style!)

Oh Awesome! Always wanted a Tremors game! Loved the movies growing up!


I'll update it into Tremors 2 soon! With Shriekers.

Stefano, what is your email? I would like to commission a small game demo from you perhaps if it is feasible for both of us :)

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stefanocagnani1990@gmail.com /  Let me see what I can do. I'm top busy but I'll check it!!


To exit from the game press ESC - other controls in the main-page!

The goal is to survive: when you are near a Graboid, do a Roll (E) to avoid him, then you can shoot (Graboids can be killed only when they're out of terrain) - Run fast and Climb objects to be safe!