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I cannot download the game and I'm really excited to try this game!

i got copyrighted a few times from the audio you used in your game but its been helping out my channel a lot. keep up the good work. your games are hilarious

Hola saludos desde España y yo tambien espero que saques el modo asesino pronto

I cant wait for the killer mode hope you are making it soon

hi, big thx for the scary scream game. greetings from rosti 👍😘

Is there a way to lower the resolution or the graphics? lol My laptop keeps lagging. I think its probably the fog. 

This game was short and a little confusing at times but I felt like this did justice but I wish it  was a little longer. There is a Killer mode coming soon that I am looking forward to and I know that this game will continue to grow. Worth checking out for sure!

Hello. I've seen videos about your amazing horror games. I was wondering if for any future projects you needed custom voice over actors? I myself have done voice over work for 2 game mod projects. I should mention I'm only an English speaker, and I primarily submit my work through discord. If you're interested I would love to submit an audition for a character to play as. 

Super appreciate the nostalgia trip! Anything more like this, then I'm playing for dang sure! Couldn't get past the car part where I need to leave him in the dust tho. I noticed how he stops in his tracks when I'd run behind a specific house, but getting back to the car I couldn't quite figure out. Awesome nonetheless!

Great work!

What's not to love about this?! Fab game from an excellent developer. My favourite movie series of all time. Loved the twist at the end too. Looking forward to the Killer Mode so much. Thanks Stefano :)

whats the song called at the start of the game

Its the 03 ghostface by Aaron Fraser Nash if I remember correctly it fits it perfectly

@ Everyone saying they're converting the .rar to an .exe-- that's your problem lmao. You're trying to convert a zipped folder into an executable. The game files are IN the .rar file, you need to unzip the .rar file with 7Zip, WinRAR, etc, and then export the Scream folder inside the .rar file elsewhere lol.

I will try this later tonight, thank you so much for your input, you don't know how excited I will be if I can get this working before Halloween night, thanks again!

why is it this the only game that's giving me a hard time to download and play i mean my god i cant even Install the game to play SMH!!

I'm having the same problem @pixelheart27 is having, I download the file, convert it from a .rar to .exe which turns it into an application, but when I attempt to open the application I get "This app can't run on your PC, To find a version for your PC, check with the software publisher" and only option it gives me is to close the application. Any help getting the game to run would be greatly appreciated, would love to play this for my ghost face inspired stream on twitch this Halloween. From the youtube videos I have watched though, game looks top notch, super excited about trying it out for myself.

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I've downloaded this game but its a rar file and i can't open it. Any help?
forget that, i've sorted it now but it keeps coming up with 'app doesn't run on this pc' i don't think it likes windows 11 :(

Any luck? I'm also getting the "This app can't run on your PC".

I made some screenshots :D - P.S Jenny is Kokoro from Dead Or Alive.

i cant play the game it wont download

is the download a .rar file? i renamed the file and changed that to .exe and it works but now it just doesn't like my pc instead.

Dlxcckba thats the name for install when i try to install it and nothing it wont let me download it

Stefano Cagnani makes amazing games! Never fails to impress me!

This is a great game for people who love the old horror genre as well as classics like Scream.

Very well worth the download!

Sehr sehr geiles Spiel! Hat mir echt Spaß gemacht, würde mich sehr über mehr Spiele von dir freuen! Von mir bekommt das Game 5/5 Sternen!

Great game! Felt like I spent a lot of time running but that's to be expected when Ghostface is around haha! I look forward to seeing more! 

bro big thanks for making this game, and for making it free too!! loved to film it, for sure..

do you have or making a 32bit version of the game

Gw Mau Dibunuh! - Scream The Game Indonesia - Full Gameplay

#ScreamTheGame #GhostFace #HorrorGame #GameHorrorIndie #Scream

voy a probarlo hoy mismo xD gracias por tu trabajo

Jogo muito brabo, salve do Brasil!

Amazing game 

hug from Brazil 🦾


ni idea cómo instalarlo aAaAaAa

I wasn't able to finish the game probably because im a big dummy but enjoyed it very much!  

So much potential! IMO drop ghostface for your own character so it would be easier to do, I got copyrighted for putting this video up, but the game is worth playing! If you decide to continue with this, I think you have something good here. Thanks for your work

Full Playthrough No Commentary

Thanks you for playing!

There's also Kokoro from Dead Or Alive, that's copyright as well.

Amazing game for an indie! So much potential, please don't abandon it! 

I've plan to do a chucky sequel... but it is on a long list of game to do

Yo this was freaking awesome! Brought back a lot memories of good old days lol. Loved the graphics and atmosphere! Keep up the good work!

PS. Time stamps added for the games played in this video! 


Old school is the best thing! Waiting for the new movie.. yeah

Dang I didn't even know there was a new one coming! 😂 Thanks for letting me know! 

É para celular?

That was AWESOME! lolol. Made me wanna watch them again. Made you a lil video:" 

Ahah thank you


I for sure would love to see more of this with an original character and IP! This game was fun, but so short.


Yep I knoe... Made it in 48h for a jam. Maybe in future... It's a busy period!


im Having a Hard time Downloading the Game can Anyone help Plzz?

Scream驚聲尖笑 | 一位小姐姐跟大哥哥夜晚去游泳


This was an amazing game designed super well. I wish it was longer honestly I can't wait to see more from you!

it wont let me download saying "the title is hosted on an incompatible website"

I can wait to see more from me toooo. For the moment i'm searchin for ideas. Too many peoject to do... chucky game is in my mind..


Shout out to Stefano Cagnani for this marvelous game 

This game was short but sweet and one of the best graphic horror i have seen on here.


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