A downloadable game for Windows


use Left Mouse to basic

Left Mouse + Left Shift / Left Mouse + Left Ctrl to specials


Inhabitants Of The Fir Forest DEMO.rar 585 MB


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hola !!! me gusto muchisimo este  videojuego , representa uno de mis sueños en esta vida,,, vivir en un bosque y ser un leñador : ) ojala lo termines pronto !!! ansio probarlooo , asi te dejo el gameplay que le hice !! saludoss y muy buen trabajooo !!! 


hi, big thx for this great game. cool story and really scary. greetings from rosti 👍👍👍🙏🥰


A fun experience. Loved the boss fight, it was intense. Waiting for the full release. 

for now no plans to do a full game version cause I have too much projects to do! But in future maybe it will be complete

So silly but so much fun as well :D

this game kind of give me Friday the 13th vibes and I like it but there basically no story to it but other then i would love to see how many more we get to kill

faz uns instalador para Linux só tem para windows fora isso jogo muito bom ta de parabens 

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I played your game in this video. Pretty good. Amazing graphics. Couldn't beat the Chainsaw Massacre guy. Other than that though, 7/10

THIS WAS AWESOME.. i only pooped a lil

Ahah thanks for the feed

like the game <forest>

yo this was really cool and fun, i would like to see a full game outta this  was a short fun experience. will there be more to the game? also keep up the amazing work familia :D 


Familia will be back soon or later! I'm current working on other projects that will be available here! I've planned a full game yes! But it's complex develop a combat system with more enemeies, so I have to study it well before!

nice! looking forward to it, i will keep my eyes peeled for the final project. keep up the amazing work!

i stun lock the man. he cant match my melee prowess!


the ax is strong


I was actually suprised how good this game was, the combat was even well done. Your game was a part of a 3 random horror games and is the first one. I cannot wait for the next one. You have a lot of talent. All I can say is everything was well done, thank you for making this 10/10.

ank you too for playing! I love your channel!

thanx mate Im looking forward to new stuff from you.


Guys, I announce here, in this moment, a recent production I made.. in few days: "Ghostface" is back. Stay on my channel for updates about this! A trailer will be realease soon with a demo (or maybe the full version). Enjoy and subscribe

Finally got to catch a body! thanks!

Thanks to you!

Really enjoyed this! The style of the game is amazing and the graphics are really good! Please check out my play through below x 

I really enjoy you!! Thanks for the feed and for your voice :) I m seeing all of yoru videossss on YT ahah

First of all I would like to say that the game looks fantastic and beautiful and I would love to see the full version of it on Steam or sth.  Secondly, I wan't really able to finish the demo. I don't know if it was completely me being a noob, I was pressing space for example and the player wasn't defending himself or I was running for a while and then he wouldn't be able to attack. Maybe his stamina was low, but the game wasn't showing anything on the screen it was a little confusing for me.  I've seen others here though completing the game just fine. So anyway keep it up, this is one of the really good games someone could find on itchio.

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the stamina go down fast so you must wait a lot before it fully regenerates. Anyway thanks for the feed. It's only a demo. The full game will be better than now. But for now that's all! It's hard to find a girl gamer like you

Good to know. I am sure the full game will be awesome, keep it up!


Since it's Unreal Engine, could you lock the framerate internally to 60hz/60fps or just Lock the framerate? Everytime I play any Unreal Engine game that is uncapped, it drains ALL GPU resources on my company, (I use a 1080 Ti), and it makes recording/streaming really shitty - because it will be choppy, OBS will fight for the resources it needs to try to cleanly record, but the game itself will always demand more resources than it really needs and it'll be 99-100% GPU Consumption while the game is running, it can be fixed with Locking the framerate.

This issue can normally also be fixed by setting OBS to use high process prority and starting it as administrator. Because then OBS will get resources first, followed by the game.

Hmm, will try and see if running it as an admin will indeed be a hotfix to at least make it record things smoothly in the future, appreciate it if it does infact work.  Although, that still doesn't erase the fact that indie games like these are unoptimized if they're trying to make my GPU sweat needlessly and consume more resources than even Crysis would demand, and it too is a simple fix as I bring up, so then I can at least hope the indie devs will know to add or fix it so no ones GPU has to sweat at 100% consumption for no reason.

This was really well made! I completely overlooked the stamina bar during the fight, so please excuse my rage LOL. If I would have paid attention to that it would have been a lot smoother. Either way, this was fantastic! Great work!

Ahahhaha impressed! Very good bro. Thanks!

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ur ungrateful


Thanks to you for playing

I recommend to play the game then watch the video to avoid spoilers!!

This game surprised me, The protagonist has a story and gives a good narrative at the start of the game. The mechanics are cool very smooth and visuals were nice. You can see a lot of thought was put into this. And the combat reminds me of Dark Souls that alone was enough to win me over. I wish the game was longer with more enemy encounters and other areas to explore. It has a lot of potential and I can't wait for the update. Devs I hope you make a full game. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS GAME. It's good stuff try it!! 

Thanks bro! Honored for the feed

Sembra molto bello ma ho qualche problemino di lag per via del mio pc scarso..ce la possibilità di aggiungere qualche opzione per abbassare la grafica?

Ps ti ho contattato anche su Messenger. se avrai tempo da un occhiata,e complimenti ancora per il tuo lavoro


graize mille! Purtroppo per il lag dovrai aspettare la versione completa... se mai la finirò causa tempo e lavoro... perche questa demo non ha settaggi elevati ma cmq gira con buone prestazioni.. al di sotto per me è difficile farla girare perche i contenuti sono tutti assets AAA e ridurre la qualità è difficile... ma vedremo in futuro cosa di può fare!

Thanks to all game fans! I need you to go on with project.. really thanks to all of you for playing this game! 

Awesome game. Love the visuals, models and gameplay. A great souls-like. 

another great joob Stefano, this game makes me feel like...i want more.

souls like, horror, really special one.

For a 48 hour game, it is a fairly polished game. The only thing I would recommend is to increase the stamina regeneration rate. Otherwise, game's fairly solid.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

no hay forma de bajar los graficos un poco ? me anda con lag 

Unfortunately not.. for now!

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avevo capito CHE era un horror stile dark souls... ma PUTROPPO MI HA SCONFITO LAG AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHH PORZO DIO

Oddio ahahah ma come fai a giocare cosi?

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Badass game, dude! This looks like it's gonna be pretty damn sweet as a longer game. I can't wait to see what else you do with it. The boss battle was hella fun. My dude Henry made it out without a scratch, haha

Hi there, I am DragonExplosion and I am a Youtuber. If you like my videos, please leave a like and subscribe at my channel. 

This was an amazing horror game with an interesting storyline. After the short amount of time I have spent with the game, I really wanted to play more of it and find out who were the strange people that attacked the main character. If you ever continue the game, do let me know. Also, I am really impressed by the games you have made like The Rift which I have also made a Youtube video about. I hope that I can play even more amazing horror games from you in the future.

Thank you for reading my comment and I wish you good luck in your future endeavours.

What an amazing demo for 48 hours! Your games are always top notch man and i cant wait to see more of this one! As a souls player that boss battle was very well done dude, im impressed!

I'm happy for this bro! Thanks for the feed!!

Wow .. I Am Amazed By The Demo. I did not expected this. Great Game and Waiting for the full game good graphics and physics , combat is smooth, and the boss fight is tough and realistic.

Great Work

Great! Thanks for the feed! if the feeds are good I will plan to go on whit the game. I'm very busy atm. 

sembra interessante... Oggi provo a giocarlo e ti dico qualcosa!

It looks interesting... I'll give it a try and leave a comment

This game was made for a Jam, so it's not a full game! The full vesion of this one will be complete soon!

The story is simple, but intense, with a "souls like" boss fight at the end.

Controls are shows in the game!

Many questions to be asked about your games.
I've been following some of your projects, the older ones, which were not that great and the new ones - "The Rift", "The Woods" and I guess this game, they all look more decent. I am not trying to critique your games, no, it's the opposite. I posted a video about B&W Game Jam, where I mentioned your game, "The Rift" and applauded it's design and overall look, yet, the questions of you making these games by yourself and publishing it on this site is I think questionable?? 
The point I am trying to make is, you don't go and build a 5 star hotel in the place where nobody will visit, unless you are not building the hotel...let's simplify - The games you post are close to being triple A games and I was wondering how much is your original work put in? As I mentioned in the beginning, your older games used premade assets and sound effects from movies and TV-Shows and made is less of an original and more like a senseless rip-offs, where new games, such as "The Rift" showed so much intensity and style and mechanical improvements and tone, I just keep wandering about that. 
I am definitely sure this game is pure fun and it's very interesting, although I would be glad to hear how much of this is only you, music, graphical design, assets, story and etc. 

I posted above a long time ago, still waiting for your comment. I would be glad to know. Thank you! 

The game assets music and other stuff is by me and epic games! I do all of this for fun and for a small regards. Jam and other competition are my force! So I do things fast. Thanks for the loooong feed!

Right, Epic Games, so not alone. Yes, because, I was wandering how those games looked like Triple A games and with some assets, which I have seen in other games, with addition to the music, now I got it. Thanks for the response. Good Luck with future projects, games look perfect. 

The Rift for example it's all made with my stuff... I'm a model artist so I can made stuff for Epic and for my games. AAA is beacuse of a mix between us! It a question of time. The risft was made in a week, Inhabitants in 2 days! Epic release tons of free assrts every months. Everyone is able to do a AAA.. thanks to epic for this!