A downloadable game for Windows

Myers escape the hospital and He prepares to come back in Haddonfield... in 2022 this game brings back the famous serial killer in your hands! Now here I posted a playable teaser "trailer" of the game. It's in early access gameplay!

Download it and enjoy


Halloween_Pt2_Teaser.rar 93 kB


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Very short yet intense playable teaser trailer for the upcoming game sequel! The first game proved that Michael Myers, does in fact, run (when he is not on camera) and that is he inhumanly strong

Top video: New playable teaser; bottom video: UE4 Halloween fan-made game.
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I did a Live stream with a few of Stefano games Candyman Halloween 2 Teaser Scream etc and more Ive linked the Stream

hi.big thx for this great experience of your upcoming game. it's so creepy. i love it. greetings from rosti 😘👍

This was such a clean little demo! I look forward to the full game! 

yes it is

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I am so freaking excited for this game! It looks awesome and you nailed the Halloween movie feels! Coming back to get this when it fully drops and posting an updated video!

next year yeah


This seems like it’s gonna be sick!! I’m so excited to see what you do with it! 

I’m YungMuShu! I do indie and itchio gaming reviews/play throughs! I hope you enjoy the video and commentary! 


Waiting for this. Loved your first game.

thanks bro!


Just wanted to say thank you for making this.  Another great little showcase.  Great job. Happy halloween.

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Hello, i was just wondering if you need any music for the Halloween game! Im currently making a lot of Halloween Tracks and uploading them to YouTube! If you're interested we can discuss in DM's! Awesome (: here is my YT channel if you're curious! https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCbLuORF2CV3PEAp4DiJaXXg if you like any of them you're free to use them! 

W sneak peak my dude  I need the rest!!  it was to good to be short

Please make a full game of this magnitude! I think wed all donate to a gofundme for a "work project" for this game please!

Had to check this game out as a big Michael Myers fan and it really makes you feel like you're in the movie. 

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Would love to play this trailer, but the link is broken - cannot access the file. :(

** Finally got it to work, I had to use the link.txt in the file to download - for some reason, Halloween II.exe will not run for me (it keeps giving a CreateProcess() returned 2 error message). 

Anyway, the trailer looks awesome and I'm really looking forward to seeing Micheal Myers again in 2022!


Thanks for the helpful tip I too couldnt play it and followed your instructions and now can actually enjoy it!

Always a joy playing what you put out. Never stop making these awesome games. Can not wait to dive into this when it releases!  



I am a very big fan of the Halloween franchise and this felt just like the movies. This short teaser was scarier than some complete horror games I have played. Can't wait to see more of this. Keep up the great work! 

I will release a full version like my first halloween game. But with surprises that make this game like a crossover... now I'm current working on a little Chucky game

Is there a way we can fund your development (legally you cant sell the game BUT loophole you can start a go fund me or quickstarter for say "work project"). I ask because this is an incredible experience and I would love to donate to the cause of a full creation of the game Stefano!

you're welcome!


I will never stop it. Thanks!!

bellissimo teaser... speriamo ti dano a te un giorno di dare vita livello commerciale il suo gioco ... sei tu vero creatore del gioco .P

grazie sua altezza ;))

sai stef bel casino fare un gioco officiale di mayers come jason ...ci sono troppe lobby commerciali per diritti autore per un gioco . se un compagnia indie dev si dovesse mettere pagare roylity di hallween neanche con incassi di guadagno del gioco riesce pagare...almeno che decino di pagare a te per creare gioco con cosa ufficiale ...tanto sicuro userebbero motore unreal .... sai anche tu stefano conosciuto come creatore del gioco letherface e mayers ...hai base fans mondiale... sono sicura qualcuno di osserva


Damn, son. Your great games are keeping my channel alive. I have not truly enjoyed a game since Manhunt 2 (2007) Besides the gems you are putting out. Thank you for all your hard work & keeping the horror genre alive & well with these brilliant takes on classics. Halloween2/Candyman/Tombs of the blind dead are coming soon. ;) Thank you.

you're amazing!!! Thank

I love your games. How long you make one game like this? It looks so detailed, I can't believe it's made by one person. 

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One morning to do this... I'm an expert programmer and I have assets from epic games for free to use. So it is fast!

Wow. I envy you.

7 years of experience

Great atmosphere. Cagnani is a great game artist. 

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I'm really happy to see this and I can't wait for this games's release.

Love your work Stefano, keep it up.


Can't wait for the full game. PLEASE keep making horror games
for iconic Slashers. You're the best. 

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You honored me! Really thanks! Im current working on other projects but this is still in construction. Don't worry.. Share it the best as you can!

Yeeeeeeeees! Thanks, BRO!

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