Stefano Cagnani

Strange phenomens are occurring, at the passage of the Comet, find out what is happening!
The great war in a distopian version with the martians from H.G.Wells story
This game is based on the Portal Saga by ValvE, with a new story made by me in Unreal Engine 4. Discover it. Enjoy
Welcome to the Colosseum, welcome gladiator.
Dylan is back, for all the fans of dino crisis 2, here we have a new mission!
Here we are with the definitive edition of RL GL game from Squid Game! The better version is here!
"He comes home in 2022" - this is the official sequel to my Halloween game
Based on one of the most famous spanish horror saga in the 70s movies bible
Halloween is here... ready for HIM?
Fight and shoot in this post apocalyptic amazing TPS
I visited the old abandoned race track of Morano sul Po in Italy. I've decided to rebuilt it in unreal engine for hobby.
This is my personal remake of the original sci-fi movie (1958)
This is my personal project about the 1999 LucasArts game!
Ghostface is here! Try this fan game, made by me in Unreal Engine 4
Henry was alone (or not) in his home in the fir forest of horrors!
This short (15 min) experience is only for the fans of this kind of gore game!
A terrifying experience in the south pole. Discover the truth of a strange MUD that infect people!
This game is only for the 80s slasher cult classics fans!
Your dog smells fear! Don't go in the woods!
Jump into the minuscule dark world of spiders in this short adventure!
This TPS bring the Tremors Saga world to you!
This short intense experience is based on the "Bliss" movie (by Midnight Factory distribution)
Explore, Survive, Escape the Martian Machines in this Open World fan-game!
Lara Croft meets Kula World from PSX on modern systems! Made with Unreal Engine 4
This is my Super Mario version! Enjoy mu channel
A classic survival horror adventure, full of zombie (70/80s movies)
A short experience inside a office of the WTC during the attacks... on 9.11.2001
He's waiting in the deep... find out what's hiding in this abandoned mine!
Based on the deadlies film evermade (Antrum)
Terminator FPS is back! Fight the T600 and the T800 in this short experience!
Don't play if you are shy...
Enjoy my new slenderman myth game! Halloween 2020 will be amazing!
A kinf of remake of the original (1997) PS1 game
Fly with the broomstick to catch the golden snitch
Based on the original 1978 movie! Enjoy